solo exhibition

Urška Alič

7. – 28. 1. 2022

7. 1. at 7pm

Mojca Grmek
Urška Alič works in the field of printmaking, which she sees as a broad polygon of exploration of different approaches and materials. She draws inspiration for her work from everyday life, where she is particularly drawn to unusual situations, oddities, mistakes and failures. Everything that catches her attention is captured in the form of a photograph, a sketch or a note and sooner or later transformed into a print, an object or a textile product.

In the exhibition entitled Collisions, the artist presents her latest body of work that consists of medium-format prints in the silkscreen technique and small objects made of various natural materials (wood, mounted paper, aluminium foil). When creating prints, she generally focuses on the relationships and tensions between basic geometric shapes, pure colours, light and shadow, and tries to transfer the resulting relations onto paper, preferably in the techniques of silkscreen or risography. The compositions that arise have a surprisingly poetic effect; their charm lies in the fact that, in contrast to their simple minimalist form, they create a complexity of meaning as they evoke very different, sometimes even contradictory feelings, associations and interpretations in the viewer. This ambiguity is further enhanced by the fact that the artist does not determine the titles or positions of the prints in advance but lets inspiration guide her with each installation.

The artist follows similar principles in creating objects that seem like a translation of the minimalist expression of her prints into three-dimensional form. Again, her starting point is the basic geometric shape or body, which she combines into a whole by creating a tension between round and angular shapes, emptiness and volume, different colours. The reciprocal relationship between the prints and the objects is also emphasised by the artist’s juxtaposition in the gallery space, where she places the prints on a plinth normally used for presenting objects and attaches the objects to the wall, as is customary for prints. In this way, the meaning derived from the individual works, their relationships to each other and the overall layout of the gallery space is further dispersed, while at the same time playing with established concepts of artistic (re)presentation.

Urška Alič (1987) obtained her master’s degree in Graphic and Interactive Communication at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and works in the field of graphic design, printmaking and risography. She has had solo shows at DobraVaga gallery (2017) and the L’Artichaut gallery in Nantes, France (2019), as well as several group presentations, including the Living Graphics exhibition at Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana (2021). With five colleagues, she is part of the Riso Paradiso collective. She lives and works mainly in Bohinj.

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